Last modified: 8/27/2019

Stripboard Synth

I’ve built my fair share of circuits. I think my first one was a fuzz pedal that immediately got me hooked on this stuff. And by immediately I mean I made the fuzz circuit when I was 13, and then didn’t pick the hobby back up until I was 19. Love at first sight. 

That being said I’ve been a little obsessive over DIY since my early 20’s, and all those little bits of knowledge accumulated over the last decade or so push me a little further into new and weird projects. 

This brings us to my first fully documented project! 

LMNC Stripboard CEM3340 Layout

So far, the planning and some slight prototyping has been done. I threw together the stripboard layout you see above to test a Simple CEM3340 Oscillator. It didn’t go perfectly… but that was my own fault for playing loose with the resistor values. Still, we are on the road to a fully blown synth voice! Updates as they come will be posted to this page. Stay tuned. This page will be updated as we go. 

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